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  – New Product Introduction –
Color Top MINIBE

TKS now offers the Color Top MINIBE (2 x 1, 4 colors on both sides, shaftless tower web offset unit).  The first one sold by TKS was delivered to the“Muroran Minpo Newspaper Company” in Hokkaido, Japan.  The customer is very pleased with the operation of the Color Top MINIBE and started allowing for visitors to tour their company operations on Sept. 12th, 2008.  Visitor reaction has been favorably reviewed.

In the past BHK series, BB and 3-color units were necessary to print 4 colors on one side of the running web, but now 4 colors are printed on both sides of the web simultaneously and less space is required.

Depending on customer needs and space requirements, such as the new building/press room layout for additional units, both 4-high and 2-high towers are available.  The press utilizes the latest technology with its’ shaftless drive system that can drive each unit independently.  The press features the latest in controls that can shorten make-ready adjustment time and reduce print waste.

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