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KKS had 90 years Anniversary with the Preview Ceremony

KKS, the same group company of TKS, had held the 90 years Anniversary and Preview Ceremony on February 10th, 2009. In the Ceremony the main products such as the Mail Room System, Baton Touch Carrier (BTC), Paster Preparation Robot (PPR), and Automated Guided Shuttle (AGS) were exhibited.
The Mail Room System was consolidated from TKS to KKS as the totalized dispatching facilities for planning, manufacturing, and aiming the consistency from the carrier to the trucks with balanced delivery system. Counter Stacker CS-800 and Address Label Printer APT-500 were exhibited as new products this time.

The Counter Stacker CS-800 can bale up the 20 pages of newspaper as one bundle corresponding to the speed 100,000 cph. As a new function that releases the guide at the ejecting time is adopted, CS-800 can carry out the newspaper bundles from lower to higher speed steadily and can count the numbers accurately.

APT-500 can connect to the Ethernet that is the connection to the LAN, so it makes easy to connect with a personal computer, a host computer, etc. The length of web roll route for address label printer was reduced greatly and the operational way was progressed much by managing all electrical controls by PLCs. And the printing speed, at 182 x 257 cm paper size, was also improved from 48 to 55 sheets/minute and progressed in the maintenance.