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-Product Information-
Color Tops produced by TKS--High Technology for Various Size Web Offset Printing Presses

The Popular “7000 Series” Color Top 4x2

By use of the TKS-patented SRD (Super Register Device) and SDS (Super Drive System), the Color Top 7000 series prides itself on superior printing quality and excellence in productivity, operation, safety, and environmental performance.
Customers can configure their presses by selecting such features as 85,000 or 90,000 cph speed, Arch or H-type style units, Unit or Couple drives, Open Fountain or Digital inking, T-NPC-N (Production Management and Control System) and Labor-Saving instrument automation.

The World’s Fastest Press ---The Color Top “Century”

Capable of producing 100,000 cph, TKS is proud to include the Century in its Color Top Series of presses.
This 4x2 Shaftless Tower Web press is the culmination of technical and productive evolution since the Color Top series was first introduced in May, 1993.
The Color Top 8200 Press---with Flexible Floor-Mounted layout

With a maximum speed of 85,000 cph and computerized synchronous shaftless drive system, the Color Top 8200 press layout provides flexibility to accommodate the customer’s building floor space. The RTP portion and press towers are mounted together on the floor resulting in efficient production flow.
The Color Top “Ecoprius”---emerging popularity in overseas markets

The compact shaftless press for “Berliner” style products utilizes a smaller page length which results in less paper usage. The first Ecoprius with a maximum speed of 90,000 cph, built for a newspaper company in South Korea, utilizes a page length of 470 mm (18.5”) and a page width of 323 mm (12.7”).
The Color Top 9000, 6x2---Fifty percent more pages than a 4x2 press

With a maximum speed of 80,000 cph and a format of 6-page wide x 2-page circumference, the Color Top 9000 press is becoming remarkably popular now in Europe. As the Color Top 9000 CD has 50 % more page capacity compared to a 4x2 unit, customers may require less units for project requirements thus resulting in less building space and construction requirements.
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