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“The COLORTOP 5000UDI Offset Press Training at the TKS Factory for the Indian Newspaper Company, Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing”

The Indian newspaper company Mathrubhumi Printing & Publishing (“Mathrubhumi”) ordered 3 sets of the 4x1 press COLORTOP 5000UDI from TKS.  This is the first press order we have received from an Indian newspaper company.  The factory training took place between February 21st and March 4th.

The Kerala province that Mathrubhumi is located has the highest literacy rate in India.

Newspaper readers are expected to increase with the rapid growth of India.

Mathrubhumi, which has its head office in Calicut, Kerala, started publishing newspapers in their official language, Malayalam in 1923.  Currently Mathrubhumi prints 13 editions including New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, and has a circulation of over a million copies in total.

The first set will be delivered to their new printing plant in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, in April, 2011.  The second set will be delivered to their printing plant in Cochin, Kerala in November, 2011, and the third set will be delivered to their printing plant in Calicut, Kerala in January, 2012.

This time, six mechanical and electrical engineers from Mathrubhumi visited our Tamagawa factory for the training.

The configuration of the press to be delivered is three 4/4 towers, one folder, four reelstands.

This training was conducted by using a set of one 4/4 tower, one folder, one reelstand.

The COLORTOP 5000UDI is a 4x1 (Double-Width, Single-Circumference) shaftless tower printing press.  Its maximum printing speed is 75,000 cph.

The main specification of the press to be delivered to Mathrubhumi is as follows:

Drive system Shaftless Unit Drive
Web width 1,400mm
Cut-off length 546mm
Dampening device Spray Bar
Folder 2:3:3 Double Jaw Folder

In the actual machine training, six engineers from Mathrubhumi received training for operation, maintenance and safety.  The training also included printing tests and paster tests.  The six engineers obtained skills through the training and returned to India on March 5.

“Chinese Delegation Visits to See the COLOR TOP 5000UDI Offset Printing Press”

A delegation of 23 people visited the Tamagawa factory on February 28.  The delegation included people from the China Newspaper Association and executives from Chinese metropolitan newspaper companies and printing companies that publish official publications, economic newspapers, sports papers, etc.

Mr. N. Shiba, president of TKS, greeted the delegation by saying “Thank you very much for coming all the way from China.  We welcome your visit.  We believe that our technology you are about to see will be very helpful.”

Then we demonstrated printing of the 4x1 COLORTOP 5000UDI.

The Chinese customers expressed surprise at the stable pasting at the maximum speed of 75,000 cph.

Then we demonstrated printing of our digital printing press, the JETLEADER.

The JETLEADER was developed based on our rotary press technology.

Here are some of its main features:

* The press configuration is combined with a folder, which enables one JETLEADER to print a number of pages of newspapers.  (patent pending)

Power consumption is significantly lower than that of offset rotary presses.


No plates or dampening devices are needed.

* The JETLEADER is highly economical.  It reduces startup waste.
* It requires only a small space to install the JETLEADER because it’s lightweight and compact.  Also less foundation work is needed.

The JETLEADER produces low acoustic noise so it reduces the effort needed to control noise in the building.

* There is no need for plates, which makes disposal of plates unnecessary.  The JETLEADER uses water-based pigment and, compared to offset inks that contain oil-based solvents, it produces less VOC (volatile organic compound).  Therefore, theJETLEADER is very eco-friendly.

After the private showing of the JETLEADER, the delegation visited a major newspaper company located in the Tokyo metropolitan area to see the 4x2 press, COLORTOP 7100CD, print the evening paper.

The delegation was impressed and surprised to see the well-organized Japanese newspaper plant and they thought the work environment was optimum for the operators.  The delegation found the visit very helpful to plan their new plants in the future.

TKS received high acclaim from the delegation for its varied product lineup including its 4x1 press, 4x2 press, and digital printing press, and also its excellent technology.



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