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Completion ceremony was held at the Kazusa Techno Center.

Full view of the Kazusa Techno Center

A completion ceremony for our new production base, the Kazusa Techno Center replacing the Tamagawa Factory was held on April 5th.

As we have previously reported to you, our customers, in order to deal with the changing demographics due to redevelopment around the Tamagawa Factory, we have decided to relocate to the Kazusa Academia Park in Chiba Prefecture.  Construction work has been going on ever since its groundbreaking ceremony which was held in April, 2010.

“The Kazusa Academia Park” is a technopark planned and materialized by Chiba Prefecture.  It extends through four cities including Kisarazu City and Kimitsu City.   

With research facilities of high-tech industries at its core, this 278 hectare hilltop compound also boasts venues for international conferences, workshops and seminars to promote research exchange and cultural activities of the local communities.

Currently, we are in the midst of transferring our employees and production function from the Tamagawa Factory to the Kazusa Techno Center.


Completion ceremony (ceremonial offering to the shrine)
Host, Mr. Kohei Shiba, Chairman of TKS, giving a speech. Architect, Mr. Fujishima, President of Tokyu Architects & Engineers Inc.
Builder, Mr. Tsutada, President of Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.
Giving a toast, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba, President of TKS
Letters of appreciation and commemorative gifts being handed to recipients.

Attending the completion ceremony were many of the people that rendered services and assistance toward realizing our new production base, which included Mr. Fujishima, President of Tokyu Architects & Engineers Inc. and Mr. Tsutada, President of Konoike Construction Co., Ltd.  After a ceremonial offering to the shrine, a banquet was held at the research building.


General description of “the Kazusa Techno Center.”

We prepared carefully over a long period of time to build this “Kazusa Techno Center.”   We thoroughly examined flow of goods and information within the factory in order to build an efficient production system.

Various facilities such as a research and development facility, machining shop, assembly factory, etc. were built in a total area of 105,000 square meters.

In order for the latest research and manufacturing facility to coexist with the great nature of the Boso Peninsula, 35% of the site area is allocated for “green space” at the Kazusa Techno Center.

A factory building and research building that are key facilities for the Kazusa Techno Center were effectively positioned in the Center.

We installed an air-conditioning system that corresponds to a production line which handles precision fabrication at the factory building.

We also made a research building into a space as comfortable as possible for our engineers so that they can devote themselves to development of technologies that aspires to the future of newspaper printing.

The appearance of the building is designed based on simplicity, and it matches the wide open scenery around the area.  The “TKS blue” which is a symbolic color of TKS is painted as a decorative accent on the building.

On top of the 35% green space, we are considering solar power installation in the future.  The Center is designed with considerations for eco-friendliness.

Assembly factory
Machining shop


The factory building which takes up the largest space at the “Kazusa Techno Center” consists of a machining shop, assembly factory and annex building.

“The machining shop” is equipped with the following three lines: a frame line that manufactures frames for rotary presses, a cylinder line that fabricates cylinders, and a gear roller line that handles more delicate parts fabrication.

“The assembly factory” consists of a painting area, freight handling and service area, unit assembly area, and product warehouse.

“The annex building” consists of a repair room, compressor room, machine equipment room, next generation product development room, debugging room, and training school with training room.  It also has a 3D measuring machine that supports fabrication and assembly from various angles.

Office space of the research building



“The research building” which makes up the heart of the Kazusa Techno Center has a designing department, R&D center which involves research and development to make products for the new era, administrative department, etc.

The factory lot where the Tamagawa Factory operated over 70 years, since 1938, will undergo extensive redevelopment and a major retail business complex will be constructed on the lot.

We are transferring our production equipment from the Tamagawa Factory to the Kazusa Techno Center for start of operations in July of this year.

We are planning to invite our customers to show our new production base “Kazusa Techno Center”.  After start of operations, we will send invitations to our customers.

We are planning on demonstrating printing of the latest digital printing press “JETLEADER” and two models of COLORTOP, 4x1 press for the Japanese market (plate cylinder: blanket cylinder= 1:2) and 4x1 press for the Indian market (plate cylinder: blanket cylinder = 1:1).

We thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we prepare for the start of operations at the Kazusa Techno Center.

With the motto, “The Customer Comes First,” we continue to focus on making products that our customers will be satisfied with at our new production base.  We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

“Signing Ceremony of the COLORTOP 7100CD Offset Rotary Press to be Delivered to The Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd.”

The Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. ordered two sets of the COLORTOP 7100CD offset rotary press from TKS for its new printing center.  The signing ceremony was held at the head office of the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. (Address: 1-12-1, Ootemachi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture) on April 14th. 

  (Right) Mr. Hideo Doi, President of the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd.
  (Left) Mr. Noriyuki Shiba, President of TKS

Mr. Takeo Nomoto, Chairman, Mr. Hideo Doi, President, Mr. Yukio Yanagida who is on the board of directors and is in charge of labor, finance, administration and in charge of the preparatory office of the new printing center, and Mr. Yukio Iwaoka, General Manager of the preparatory office of the new printing center (bureau chief) from the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony.

From TKS, Mr. Kohei Shiba, Chairman, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba, President, and Mr. Mitsuo Kitai, Senior Executive Sales Director attended the ceremony.

To be delivered to the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. this time is a 4x2 COLORTOP 7100CD offset rotary press.

The press configuration is two sets of three 4/4 towers, two 1/1 towers, one folder, and five reelstands.  The maximum printing speed is 180,000 cph, and prints 40 pages with 24 pages in color.

It is scheduled to operate in April, 2013, however, there may be a bit of delay due to filing of a building certification.

The new printing center will be located approximately eleven kilometers south of the head office of the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. and built within the Shimomitani industrial complex in Iyo-City which is 20 minutes away by car.  For newspaper delivery, they will be taking the Matsuyama Motorway and exiting at the Iyo Interchange.

The current printing plant of the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. is a three-set plant.  For planning their new printing center and selection of 4x1 and 4x2 presses they looked at different models that various rotary press manufacturers had to offer.

Within this intense and competitive selection process, TKS proposed the 4x2 COLORTOP 7100CD Offset Rotary Press which is well known in the industry for its  excellent quality and stable operation at the maximum speed of 180,000 cph.

TKS explained that by installing a jaw folder that handles high-speed printing onto this COLORTOP 7100CD Offset Rotary Press, they can reduce the current three-set configuration to a two-set thus bringing huge benefits to the Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. in terms of size of property, building, personnel and energy.  The idea was well-received and an order was given to TKS.

The Ehime Shimbun Co., Ltd. wanted to make sure that the COLORTOP 7100CD Offset Rotary Press comes with waste reduction capability.

Our cut-off control system, the “T-CUTTER”, was proposed which has had great operational results at the Kahoku Shimpo (proposed 4 sets) and the Shinano Mainichi Shimbun (proposed 2 sets).  They appraised its capability and ordered the T-CUTTER with the printing presses. 

We, TKS, will continue to devote our efforts into a varied product lineup and providing products that meet our customers’ needs.  Thank you very much for your continued support.

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