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“Opening Ceremony for the Kazusa Techno Center “


Opening ceremony was held at the Kazusa Techno Center on July 6th.

As previously mentioned in What’s New, our new production base, the Kazusa Techno Center replacing the Tamagawa Factory went into full-scale operation on July 1st.

Kohei Shiba, Chairman, and Noriyuki Shiba, President made speeches at the opening ceremony,

Both of them were dressed in “Cool Biz” attire.  (“Cool Biz,” a dress code started as an energy-saving campaign by the Japanese government.  People are encouraged to dress without jackets or ties)


[Excerpt from the Speech by Kohei Shiba, Chairman]

I worked at the Tamagawa Factory for nearly sixty years and I feel sad about its closing, however, I’m hopeful that we will rid ourselves of our outdated habits and take a new direction at our new production base.

At the ceremony held on the first day of work this year, I asked everyone to work together for completion of the Kazusa Techno Center and its move.

I need your further cooperation to develop our new digital printing press, the JETLEADER, and make it a success here and also in the overseas market.


[Excerpt from the Speech by Noriyuki Shiba, President]

I hope our young TKS employees take root in Kazusa and work hard at making next-generation products.

I would like all of you to recognize that the Kazusa Techno Center is one of the important TKS business establishments along with the Iga Techno Center, TKS Head Office and other affiliate companies.  At this new production site, I would like to see it prosper with advances in new products.

The world is taking notice of TKS, a newspaper rotary press manufacturer making a digital press, and we would like to make the JETLEADER our featured product at the Kazusa Techno Center.

The ceremony ended on a happy note with Vice President, Mr. Yoshikazu Shiba, leading a Japanese traditional ceremonial rhythmic hand clapping to celebrate the brand new start of the Kazusa Techno Center.

With opening of the Kazusa Techno Center, we are determined to work even harder to make products that satisfy customer needs.  We sincerely appreciate your continued support.

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