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TKS receives Letter of Appreciation from DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC (USA).
  Mr. Larry Hoffman of Dow Jones presenting Letter of Appreciation to TKS Chairman, Mr. Kohei Shiba   Letter of Appreciation from Dow Jonesow Jones  
Recently, Mr. Kohei Shiba, Chairman of TKS, received a Letter of Appreciation from Mr. Joseph B. Vincent, Senior Vice President of DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC (USA).

Mr. Larry Hoffman, Vice President Production, plus other top-level personnel of Dow Jones came to Japan on November 2nd, 2011 and presented this Letter of Appreciation to our Chairman and the directors at our Kazusa Techno Center. This letter has become a source of tremendous joy and reward for us.

Among the many, many installation jobs we have done, this time's new and old tower installation job for Dow Jones was one of the most complicated in terms of technical requirements and delivery time.

In 2010, Dow Jones entrusted TKS with the "72-Page, 48 Pages Color" project to increase color without sacrificing the number of pages to add more editorial and ad color by innovating their newspaper press configuration.

This project entailed reconfiguration and integration of the various printing sites spread throughout the United States and adding 22 new printing towers to seven of the sites plus also relocating existing units.

The project started in February of 2011.
  72 pages, 48 pages color project (printing press image)


Printing unit brought in by opening entrance thru roll storage wall Printing unit brought in by opening entrance thru roof  

First level of tower unit on press floor Completed four levels of a tower unit.  
During the whole time that work such as moving machinery in and out, and installing new towers was being carried out, the 72-page, 24-page color configuration morning paper was printed every day without any stops, a mind-boggling job that we had never before experienced. On top of this, for two printing sites, we had to add our towers to offset presses that were made by a different company.

Adding further complications to this work, in March of 2011, we suffered a tragic earthquake which put us in a very difficult situation.

However, even under these harsh circumstances, the installation work was completed by the end of September 2011 and, as scheduled, actual production on the new configuration started up in the beginning of October of that year.
Scene of just installed tower unit printing
The two tower units in back are the newly installed units The two towers in front are the newly installed units
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