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Color Top 7100CDH Destined for Installation at Shinano Mainichi Newspaper
2 sets of Color Top 7100CDH and the Color Top 6000 (which will be replaced) as it was running at the Shiojiri Production Center

On December 27, 2011, TKS received an order for one set of the Color Top 7100CDH web offset press for the Shiojiri Production Center of the Shinano Mainichi Newspaper.

Among the three sets running at the same factory, one set, the Color Top 6000, has been running for 18 years, and it is this set that the Color Top 7100CDH will replace .

The press configuration is as follows: 3CT44 - 3CT11 - 1F - 6R, to print 48 pages with 24 color.

With this installation, all three sets will be the Color Top 7100CDH web offset press, and full operation is expected to begin from December 2012.