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TKS will start printing The Wall Street Journal Asia (for a portion of the Kansai area) with the JETLEADER 1500.  Since exhibiting at JANPS 2009, two years ago, TKS had continued its research and development from a viewpoint of a newspaper press manufacturer that knows something about the newspaper printing environment.  Now, for the first time in Japan, we are about to commence live production of newspapers printed on a digital printing machine.

The Wall Street Journal Asia is now being printed at the Yomiuri Newspaper's Koto Printing Plant in Tokyo, of which a portion of the morning newspapers that are now being transported by the Shinkansen ("Bullet Train") or by air for the Kansai district (Osaka area) will now, starting from April 16, 2012, be printed on the JETLEADER 1500 at TKS' IGA Techno Center near Osaka for a duration of about one year.

Because of the fact that we will be printing an overseas newspaper in Japan, we were faced with various problems such as data transmission and special lockup times due to time zone differences, however, with our special workflow system and the fact that the digital printing system requires minimal manning and resources, we decided that it was well within feasibility requirements.  Being able to make use of the special features of digital printing such as the ability to print the latest information cheaper than offset and further being able to print in small lots, it is our feeling that we are finally at the threshold of the start of printing newspapers digitally in this country.

Through this daily live digital printing operation we hope to accrue much knowhow and also make optimal commercial use of our JETLEADER 1500.   

TKS will be showing live printing demonstrations with its JETLEADER 1500 at drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 3rd to May 16th, 2012.
TKS drupa 2012 Exhibition Press Release

This year will be the fourth time for TKS to exhibit at drupa since its first showing at drupa 2000.  On exhibit this year will be our JETLEADER 1500 which, with its catchphrase "Think variable:  boundless opportunities", aims to meet the needs of customers who seek multiplicity, and also ondisplay will be our latest 4 X 1 newspaper printing press, the CT5000UDI.

1. Live demonstrations of drop-on-demand digital printing machine, JETLEADER 1500


Newspaper Printing]

  <Printing that day's Dow Jones', The Wall Street Journal, daily>
  Everyday, the image data for that day will be sent from the U.S. to the drupa exhibit site, and after processing on the TKS workflow system, The Wall Street Journal, with the same page content as the U.S. (maximum 5 sections, 72 pages), will be printed live on the floor at 600 X 300 dpi with a speed of 150 meter per minute.
  <Printing of Berliner size and tabloid size newspapers>
  TKS will introduce to the audience newspapers of our offset printing machine users by digitally printing the Berliner format newspaper of our customer in Korea, the JoongAng Ilbo and the tabloid newspaper of The Kyoto Shimbun.



Commercial Printing and Binding]

  Tabloid size products will be printed at 600 X 600 dpi at a speed of 150m/min. using wood free   paper.  Furthermore, we will be showing a sampling production of how the TKS JETLEADER 1500 can bring to life business solutions through a live demonstration of A4 size and A5 size   bookbinding using a VITS sheeter, Horizon cutter and automatic binder.
2. Display of 4 X 1 newspaper web offset printing machine, the CT5000UDI
TKS is proud to introduce the latest 4 X 1 newspaper web offset printing tower which is now in full daily operation at a newspaper in India.  With the plate to blanket cylinder diameter at a 1:1 ratio, this printing machine, which boasts a compact design, while being capable of high speeds of 75,000 to 80,000 cph, is a superbly efficient and economical newspaper press.  A video presentation of this machine in operation at the actual site will be shown during drupa.  
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