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Start of Digital Printing of Newspapers for the First Time in Japan

TKS has started live daily production of "The Wall Street Journal Asia" edition with its inkjet digital printer, the JETLEADER 1500.

The Wall Street Journal Asia edition for the Kansai area (Western Japan) had been printed at Yomiuri Newspaper's Koto Plant in Tokyo (Eastern Japan) and sent by SHINKANSEN (bullet train) or plane.  Starting on April 16th of last year a portion of the newspapers have been printed on the JETLEADER 1500 at TKS's IGA Technocenter in the vicinity of the Kansai area.

IGA Technocenter Inkjet type digital printing system, JETLEADER 1500
The Wall Street Journal Asia edition as printed with the JETLEADER  

The term of the daily printing is scheduled for one year and will be the first time in Japan for printing of newspapers on a digital printing system.

For the first day printing on the 16th of April, the data from Dow Jones in the U.S. was sent to the TKS IGA Technocenter, and through processing with the TKS-developed workflow system, the JETLEADER printed 36 pages with 17 pages in color.  In the afternoon a Start-of-Printing ceremony was held.

Mr. Shin Toyoizumi, Manager, Production Management Department, The Yomiuri Shimbun(Front row, left)
TKS Chairman of the Board, Mr. Kohei Shiba (Front row, center)
TKS Board Director and President, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba

Dow Jones:
Senior Vice President of Operations, Mr. Joseph Vincent (Center)
Vice President of Pre-Press, Mr. Paul Cousineau (Left)
Dow Jones, Japan:
General Manager, Circulation, Ms. Hozumi Obi
[Start of Printing Ceremony] Chairman Shiba giving greetings message
Mr. Joseph Vincent of Dow Jones delivering message President Shiba gives a toast
[Actual machine in operation]
For the ceremony, top management people from Dow Jones, Mr. Joseph Vincent, Senior Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Pre-Press, Mr. Paul Cousineau and Mr. Shin Toyoizumi, Manager, Production Management Department, of The Yomiuri Shimbun were in attendance.  From TKS, Chairman, Mr. Kohei Shiba andPresident, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba and the team members attended.

As Mr. Vincent presses the "start" button, the JETLEADER commences printing vivid image pages of TheWall Street Journal Asia edition.
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