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TKS Color Top 5100 UDI to be Installed at HT Media, India
HT Media CEO, Mr. Dinesh Mittal and TKS Board Chairman, Mr. Kohei Shiba, shaking hands. Color Top 5000 UDI Web Offset Press

Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. (TKS) received an order for one press line (10-tower configuration) of its Color Top 5100 UDI web offset press from HT Media in India.

HT Media is a newspaper company with 5,000 employees having its head office in New Delhi and prints and publishes the two English language dailies, the "Hindustan Times" and the financial newspaper "Mint", plus many other publications. In addition, HT Media operates a radio station and an internet service which makes them India's biggest mass media enterprise.

The "Hindustan Times" and "Mint" are two of the biggest circulation newspapers in India second only to the "Times of India" and their English language paper "The Economic Times". The combined total of HT Media's two main papers is well over 2 million copies daily and is printed in their 19 printing plants spread around India.

A signing ceremony was held on April 5, 2011 at their New Delhi headquarters with the CEO of HT Media,
Mr. Dinesh Mittal, and the Chairman of the Board of TKS, Mr. Kohei Shiba present.

The make-up of the press line is: Ten 4/4 Color Top towers, with 1 double delivery folder (2:3:3 + 2:3:3) and 10 reelstands. With TKS's "GEMINUS" system, it has the capability of printing two different products at the same time. The reelstand is a fixed two-arm type; the printing unit a 4 X 1 (4 pages across and 1 page around) H-type 4 color over 4 color tower press with a maximum speed of 80,000 copies per hour (Japanese count system: 160,000 cph), and the folder section has a balloon former with double 2:3:3 folding cylinders.

HT Media's interest in the TKS 4 X 1 press started two years ago from IFRA Expo 2010 and continued with IFRA India 2011 and the "All in Print China" show in 2011 where their top management people visited the TKS booth. They also took the time to look at the TKS Color Top 5000 UDI press that had started production printing at The Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd. in India. The HT Media group appreciated the excellent printing quality of the Color Top 5000 UDI while maintaining efficiency and economy in a compact design.

Following this, a series of meetings and detailed technical discussions were held leading to an order for the Color Top 5100 UDI with an upgraded speed of 80,000 copies per hour. The press is scheduled to be shipped end this year and start actual production in spring of next year.

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