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Information Technology Committee of the The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Visits KAZUSA Techno Center
TKS President & CEO, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba addressing guests
Print demonstration of inkjet printer, the JETLEADER.
Manufacturing plant
Assembly plant Domestic press (foreground) and 4 X 1 press for India (background) Mr. Tomoo Yazaki, committee chairman of the Information Technology Committee (Section Manager of the System Management Section of the Asahi Newspaper Head Office Production & System Division) giving a speech.

The sales department of TKS have been fielding calls from customers expressing requests such as, "We would like to see the actual printing of the TKS digital printer, the JETLEADER", "We'd like to see digitally imaged newspapers folded and sectioned", or, "Can we look at the brand new TKS KAZUSA Techno Center manufacturing facility?"

Amidst this growing interest, on April 27th of this year, members of the Information Technology Committee of The Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association (a general incorporated association) made a visit to the TKS KAZUSA Techno Center. The group consisted of people involved in the pre-press operations of newspapers all over Japan. The tour included demonstrations of the JETLEADER, views of the actual 4 X 1 press for India, and the manufacturing, machining and assembly operations of the whole plant.

The President and CEO of TKS, Mr. Noriyuki Shiba, started off with a welcome speech saying "TKS had just started live, daily printing of The Wall Street Journal Asia edition with its JETLEADER system on April 16. In May, we will be printing The Wall Street Journal's U.S. edition every day with the JETLEADER on display and printing at the exhibit site at drupa 2012 in Germany. And now, here at KAZUSA, we are showing you our JETLEADER printing using a sheet cutting device (sheeter)."

For the printing demonstration, the JETLEADER printed the ISO Standard Color Image Data (ISO/JIS-SCID) and the Newspaper Sample Ad Color (NSAC) on one side of the paper with a resolution of 600 X 600 dpi and at a speed of 150m/min.

During the demonstration, the committee chairman of the Information Technology Committee, Mr. Tomoo Yazaki, who is also the Section Manager of the System Management Section of the Asahi Newspaper Head Office Production & System Division provided TKS with the following very encouraging comment, "in the area of newspaper production, we, who have been involved in pre-press operations, should no longer delineate between pre-press and press. Watching the print demonstration, I realized that the JETLEDER, having crossed the traditional boundary of newspaper production, represents the fusion of press and pre-press, and I look forward to the JANPS 2012 exhibit in November of this year where we will be able to witness a more enhanced version of the JETLEADER."

There were, further, complimentary remarks from the attendees regarding the quality of printing: "the color pictures were vivid" and "registration was good", and in regard to the printed newspaper product itself, "it is the first time to see a digital printer producing a standard folded newspaper", "I would like to see more of this newspaper printing and folding".

Continuing on to the TKS assembly factory, the visitors were able to see the production floor where outside air is shut out to create a clean air and temperature-controlled environment. The group looked intently at the presses assembled on the floor for the domestic market and the 4 X 1 press for India. TKS hopes that we were able to provide our guests with a glimpse of TKS's heritage of producing precision products and that we will be able to count on your support and patronage.

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