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Publication of “140-year History of Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd."
From left; 110-year History,120-year History, 130-year History and rightmost, 140-year History
In 2013 Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd. reached the 140th year of its founding. In commemoration of its founding, TKS went to press with the publication of what will be the compilation of key events of its company’s history.

Although it has been more than a century since TKS began to manufacture rotary printing presses, its forerunner started by producing agricultural equipment at a government controlled factory. In 1874 (Meiji year 7), as part of its "Policy for Promotion of New Industries" the Meiji Government set up the Agriculture Experimental Station which is the origin of TKS.

The Agriculture Machinery Factory attached to the Government-run Agriculture Experimental Station
produced every type of farm machinery, and tools by learning about the newest agriculture equipment brought into Japan from the advanced U.S. and European countries.

After becoming a private company in 1888 (Meiji year 21) , besides agricultural equipment, TKS set out to become an all-around manufacturer by producing industrial equipment such as cigarette making machines, spinning machines, boilers, and railroad cars.

Eventually, printing machines became the main product leading up to its present day and this 140-year booklet tracks TKS’s trek through 140 years of its history.

Production of rotary printing presses started a 100 years ago. At the time, when rotary press makers from overseas dominated the market, our predecessors, to respond to the rapidly changing market needs and through their trials and errors and their tireless efforts in challenging new technology gave birth to many technically innovative and revolutionary rotary presses.

As mentioned in the 140 Year History publication, the spirit of TKS’s sales ad phrase "Start Off with Our Own Technology" still ceaselessly reverberates in our product making work

Based on the principle of “the customer comes first”, and to answer to their needs, it is the will of Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho, Ltd., to ceaselessly work on research and development in technology and to continually make improvements in quality.
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