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Start-up ceremony of Colortop 7100CD for Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd.


On 11th of December 2014, a start-up ceremony for our web offset press Color Top 7100CD was held at the Etchujima Factory of Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd.

Ryutaro Shiba, President of TKS, attended the ceremony and following the ribbon-cutting, a “Memorial Issue” was first printed, after president Takanashi of Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd. pressed the operation button.

The Color Top 7100CD, a tower type shaftless web offset press, has a large install base both domestically and internationally.

This 4x2 type press’s maximum printing speed is 90,000 copies per hour, with stable registering accuracy and superior printing quality from top to low speed.

The updated mechanical structure consists of two sets of 3CT44, 1CT21, 1F, 4R which can print 32 pages including 24 color pages.  The first press at the Etchujima site has been operating since March 2014.

Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd. prints nearly 40 newspapers, including major daily newspapers such as The Mainichi, The Seikyo Shimbun, and Sports Nippon, as well as industry papers, technical journals, and organization journals.

Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd. has been using our machine since they moved their head office from Kanasugi factory to present Etchujima, being a long-time user of our presses.

This new project also added all the existing presses moved from the former Kanasugi factory.

Tonichi Printing Co., Ltd. now has 6 factories including group companies in Etchujima, Kawasaki, Ebina, Kawaguchi, Fukushima, and Takasaki. We appreciate their patronage toward our presses, using total of 22 TKS presses.

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