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JANPS 2015 Exhibition Report
The 22nd Japan Newspaper Production Show 2015 (JANPS2015) was held at Tokyo Big Sight convention center for three days from July 22, to July 24, 2015.

It has been three years since the last exhibition. This time JANPS2015 was held with the unifying theme “Today’s Newspaper Technology is Focusing on the Future.” TKS exhibited at the show based on our featured concept, “Giving Shape to Newspapers of the Next Generation with Pride and Responsibility”.

TKS had two featured demonstrations “COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II” and “JETLEADER.”
TKS showed live operation of the machines, using a hot line connecting our booth in the show to the Kazusa Techno Center, where the machines are located.


Let us first review the first featured demonstration of “COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II”.

The theme was “The Secret of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II”: “The Reason to be Your Top Choice Today”

TKS presented to the visitors how the COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II was developed, and how are always improving the press features and technology, along with the reasons COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II is winning high praise today from our customers.

One example in particular, is that TKS has worked out a plate cylinder solution for plate durability by carrying out a through investigation of everything from material composition to ease of use and structure design of the plate loading device, undergoing a considerable testing.

TKS determined improved bending angles for the plates and developed the “assisting function” which enables easier mounting and dismounting of the plates. Both improvements boosted work effiency significantly.
As such, COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II is the result of our endless pursuit of innovation and improvement.

Thanks to your support, COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II has been running flawlessly in The Yomiuri Shimbun Sendai factory, since March of this year.

Installation of a set of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II for Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd. is scheduled for March, 2016. Another set of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II is scheduled to be installed in January 2017 for The Chunichi Shimbun Tokai factory.
TKS looks forward to the future success of the COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II in the domestic and international market place.

In the later part of the demonstration, TKS presented our visitors with the actual operation of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II running in production at The Yomiuri Shimbun Sendai factory.

The last of our demonstration featured new inovations which are very effective in saving even more manpower and energy.

The main feature of TKS in JANPS2015 was “T-PLATER”, an automatic plate attaching and detaching device.

We presented “T-PLATER” for the first time in live viewings and the interest was very high.

TKS demonstrated that, the automatic plate attaching and detaching device, “T-PLATER” reduces the time needed to attach and detach the plates, as well as reducing the operator’s operation process, resulting in savings in manpower and make-ready time.

We showed our visitors the live operation of “T-PLATER” attaching and detaching the plates during the conversation between the speaker at our booth and the factory personell.
The audiance saw the speed, accuracy, and safty of the operation simply by pressing a button.

The COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II ordered by The Chunichi Shimbun Tokai factory will have the “T-PLATER” feature.

In the future we assume that all COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II orders will include “T-PLATER” as an indispensable feature.

Next, let us get to our another featured demonstration topic, the “JETLEADER” series.

The theme here was “Proposal to the customers.”

First, TKS presented our visitors with actual print sampless from users of our the JETLEADER 1500.

TKS then showed the visitors an interview video of Mr. Winscott, the president of the TOPWEB, LLC., in Chicago, U.S.A., and Mr. Yoshida, the president of Hawaii Hochi Ltd..

Mr. Winscott and Mr. Yoshida described how the JETLEADER 1500 is being used in their operation, such as the run lengths variety of products being printed, and gave us valuable insight about cost performance and how they rank the JETLEADER 1500 compared to offset.

We could understand that both companies are aggressive in serving new markets utilizing the JETLEADER 1500.

Second, TKS presented the example of “Lady Kaga”, a campaign carried out by The Chunichi Shimbun Ltd. in “The 63rd Japan Advertising Federation Annual Meeting in Kanazawa” held in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture from May 20th to 22nd of 2015, using the JETLEADER 1500.

Mr. Kawashima, the Deputy Director of Advertising Bureau of Chunichi Shimbun Ltd. who directed the “Lady Kaga” campaign, explained the concept of the project and the potential of newspaper advertisement with scenes in Kazusa Techno Center from the stages in the project.

As seen in this example, the JETLEADER 1500 is becoming more and more useful in various business scenes.

The last part of the JETLEADER demonstration was the introduction of JETLEADER 2000 for the first time in public, with a live demonstration broadcast from the Kazusa Techno Center.

The JETLEADER 2000 was created to satisfy the printers various needs of multiple products with smaller print draws. Also taking into account personalized content, improvement in productivity and surpassing the offset solution by enhancing the maximum JETLEADER printing speed up to 200m/min.

In the live demonstration from TKS Kazusa Techno Center, we printed the “TKS Magazine”, which is full of TKS information, quickly accelerating the printing speed up to 200m/min.  TKS utilized the variable printing option and printed changing the cover and the back cover pages to show first hand how variable printing feature works.

We showed off the JETLEADER 2000’s ablilty by taking a picture of JANPS opening ceremony and the TKS booth at the show, turned both photos into electronic data and e-mailed them to the TKS Kazusa Techno Center to be included in the printing of the “TKS Magazine” having its top page replaced by the pictures taken just a moment ago.

TKS believes that by the JETLEADERS many years of proven production and demostration like this, the JETLEADER series has been proven to be the excellent choice for high volume, small-lot printing and for expanding the possibilities for articles and advertisements using ink jet technology.

Through the past three years, TOPWEB LLC. and Hawaii Hochi Ltd., have developed a diversified business models, and recently The Chunichi Shimbun Ltd. showed the possibility of personalized content on the newspapers in the “Lady Kaga” project.

The above is the rough summary of TKS featured demonstrations “Color Top Ecowide II” and “JETLEADER”.

Both of TKS featured exhibition themes “COLORTOP ECOWIDE II” and “JETLEADER” showed the live operation from our factory of the machines, which was a first for us. Our TKS staff has done an excellent job each time showing and explaining our innovations.

So the JANPS 2015 in a hot summer ended. Rather than exhibiting the actual machines as we have in the past, we believe we made our demonstration more interesting by taking you via remote link to actual production sites.

TKS appreciated receiving the “Exhibition Award” again, following JANPS2012.
We hoped the visitors enjoyed and approved listening to our description of the machines, and watching the live operation showing various close-ups  from different angles.


During this JANPS2015, there was the “Newspaper Making Experience Program” sponsored by The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association(The Nihon Shinbun Kyokai) targeting students from 5th year in elementary school to junior high school.

The program aimed to enhance the knowledge about newspapers production to the students by showing the various stages needed in the newspaper production process. In the program the students enjoyed learning by visiting the booths of newspaper companies and related companies. TKS gladly offered to participate in the program.

Our booth had Q&A corner with quizzes devised for students, and the students enjoyed learning how the printing machines worked with its unexpected facts and secrets, and the importance of the newspaper industry itself.

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