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Start-up ceremony of first domestic installation of the JETLEADER 1500 for The Chunichi Shimbun


On 17th of December 2015, a start-up ceremony for a TKS digital press JETLEADER 1500 was held at the headquarters of The Chunichi Shimbun in Nagoya.  The press was installed as a part of joint project investigating digital printing.

It was the first domestic installation of the JETLEADER 1500 and Mr. Koide, the President of The Chunichi Shimbun named it as “IT Rotary Press.”  It will print 150 meters per minute (492 ft/min) at its maximum speed, 1,200 copies per hour of 40 pages broad sized newspapers, or 16,500 copies per hour of 4 pages tabloid sized newspapers.  The press has a variable cutoff system which allows production of different sized page width newspapers, not only broadsheet but tabloid as well.

Mr. Koide commented “The IT Rotary Press has a capability to revolutionize the newspaper industry with its flexibility and versatility as seen in producing custom-made newspaper for individual readers,” as he pressed the start button on an iPad screen, which then started printing tabloid sized newspapers each having different titles and pictures by using the variable data printing feature of the JETLEADER 1500.

The Chunichi Shimbun and TKS will keep working to find new innovation in the newspapers industry and new business opportunities, along with product personalization possibilities utilizing the digital printing technology such as small-lot, multi-kind printing and added value printing using variable data.