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TKS 4x1 press sets to be installed at The Sanyo Shimbun


TKS received an order from The Sanyo Shimbun Co., Ltd. to supply three sets of TKS 4x1 press COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II in their new printing plant.  A signing ceremony for the contract was held at the headquarters of The Sanyo Shimbun Co., Ltd. on 25th of December 2015.

Previously, The Sanyo Shimbun Co., Ltd. was using 4 sets of presses from another press vendor, two sets in one Production Center and another two sets in the second Production Center.  The new TKS presses will be replacing three of them.

The COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II is a 4x1 press capable of producing superior quality products with high efficiency. Furthermore, it is excellent in saving resources and energy.

The configuration of the COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II presses to be installed consist of; one press of four COLOR TOP towers (4/4), one COLOR TOP mono unit (1/1), one folder, and five reelstands which can print 40 pages with 32 color pages; and another two presses with two sets of three COLOR TOP towers (4/4), two COLOR TOP mono units (1/1), one folder, and five reelstands which can print 40 pages with 24 color pages.

The press will be equipped with our innovational options such as, the “New air-conditioning system” which is different from conventional air-conditioning system, and “T-PLATER”, an automatic plate attaching and detaching device.

The “New air-conditioning system” is a innovative system which has considerable effect in total cost reduction of a whole factory by ensuring stable operation of the press with our anti-dewing feature, enhancing duration of electrical equipments, reducing costs by saving energy and resources, and improving working environments.  The “New air-conditioning system” has won “The Japan Newspaper Publishers Association Award” in technology category from NSK (The Japan Newspaper Publishers Association) in 2013. The patent of the “New air-conditioning system” is co-owned with our customers.

Additionally, we received orders for additional features such as INS-600, a paper surface monitoring system, TRC-6000, an automatic registration control device, T-CUTTER, a cutoff control system, and the “X System”, a system which links those three features.

Full operation is planned in Spring in 2018.

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