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TKS “T-PLATER”, an automatic plate attaching and detaching device won “Technology Encouragement Award”


On January 8th, 2016, TKS’s latest technology, “T-PLATER” received “Technology Encouragement Award” from Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (NSK), The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association.

The winner of this prestigious award is determined by the Technology Committee of NSK among innovative machines and systems which were presented in Japan Newspaper Production Show (JANPS).

The committee remarked the reason our “T-PLATER” received the award as: “This device allows automatic attaching and detaching of the plates simply by pressing a button after the press operators sets the plates on the plate cylinders. Printing factories are facing workforce reductions and new print customers including consigned printing which requires more frequent plate changes. Newspaper printers are counting on this technology to reduce labor and setup time, thus won approval.”

TKS “T-PLATER”, an automatic plate attaching and detaching device is capable of attaching and detaching one to eight plates on upper and lower plate cylinders at the same time in the TKS 4x1 COLOR TOP press. It is a innovative device which reduces make-ready time and labor cost.

For example, the time needed to complete a plate change for one tower (32 plates) manually by a single operator will be approximately 1,440 seconds (24 minutes) excluding operator’s moving time.

Using “T-PLATER”, changing 8 plates of upper and lower plate cylinder at once takes only 40 seconds. Compared to the above case, it takes only approximately 320 seconds (5.3 minutes) to get the same result manually. The difference is clear. “T-PLATER” is unquestionable, powerful time and labor saving device, which has a significant effect in reducing operator’s plate changing times of attaching and detaching the plates and therefore reducing make-ready time.

Our COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II ordered by The Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd. and The Sanyo Shimbun Co., Ltd. will have this “T-PLATER” device.

Encouraged by winning the award, we will continue to work hard to contribute in newspaper printing technology as well as responding to customers’ needs and expectations.


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