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Start-up Ceremony of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II at Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd.


On March 24th, 2016, a ceremony was held at the Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd. to celebrate the start-up of a newly installed TKS 4x1 press, COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II.

Ryutaro Shiba, the President of TKS attended the ceremony and received a certificate of appreciation from Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd..  At the ceremony set up area near the press, production start-up ceremony began after the press dedication.  Following the ribbon-cutting, Mr. Manabu Yamagishi, the President of Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd. pressed the start button and started the operation of the press and inspected the newly printed newspapers.

The configuration of the new press is a set of two COLOR TOP towers (4/4), one COLOR TOP unit (2/1), two COLOR TOP mono units (1/1), one folder and five reelstands which can print 40 pages with 16 pages in color.  With the “New Air conditioning System” different from a conventional air-conditioning installation not only sustains a stable operation but improvements in the work environment and cost reduction will be realized.

Aomori Kousoku Offset Co., Ltd. has been using three presses, including one TKS press.  For this expansion, our 4x1 press replaced another press vendor’s press.  In addition to Newspaper products such as, “The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (The Nikkei),” “The Yomiuri Shimbun,” and “Sports Hochi” which the company continues to print at this site, commissioned printing of a new product, “The Mutu Simpo” was launched with the expansion.

In JANPS 2015, TKS exhibited with the theme “The Secret of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II: The Reason to be Your Top Choice Today” and presented to the visitors the reasons why one of our flagship products is winning high praise from our customers.  Consequently, the number of customers showing interest in the TKS COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II is growing steadily.

Thanks to your support, the 2nd actual operation of TKS COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II has started successfully following the 1st actual production start in The Yomiuri Shimbun Sendai Plant last year.  Another two sets of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II are planned to start operation at The Chunichi Shimbun Miyakoda Plant next year, and another, three sets of COLOR TOP ECOWIDE II are planned to start operation in the new printing plant of The Sanyo Shimbun Co., Ltd..